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• As a songwriter, penned George Michael & Aretha Franklin’s No 1 hit 'I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)' • As a producer, notable for many collaborations with Eric Clapton • As an artist, was one half of Climie Fisher • Has also written and produced for more of our most gifted artists


Pictured Above: Simon, John Mayer, Aretha Franklin, Judith Hill, BB King, Sara Evans, Eric Clapton
Below: Climie Fisher, Juhn Martin, Aretha with George Michael, Michael McDonald

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Writer ≈ Producer ≈ Artist

multiple Grammy Award-winner




Climie Fisher: Simon started out as a writer and singer, forming the duo Climie Fisher with Rob Fisher. The main aim was to have fun and make the music they loved, and together they recorded two multi-platinum albums. They also enjoyed huge international success with several hit singles in over 35 territories, the best known being Love Changes Everything and Rise to the Occasion



While his artist career was building, Simon was simultaneously enjoying success with the songs he was writing for many legendary artists, including one the most successful duets of all time – I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me), recorded by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. According to one of the bean counters, after a few years Simon's total units sold as a songwriter was in excess of 400 million units.



As Simon’s reputation grew, it was a natural progression to move into production. Initially working with artists who wanted great songs and vocal production, this led to immediate success delivering many hits for various European pop and R&B artists. Simon was also closely involved in the Swedish revolution with collaborators like Anthor and Bloodshy and they enjoyed many hits together.

Simon was then spotted by Eric Clapton, who wanted to work more deeply on some projects. Simon and Eric started writing together and went on to write and produce many Grammy Award-winning albums together – the first being Pilgrim, featuring the hit single My Father's Eyes, which won a Grammy for Best Male Vocal. This was soon followed by Riding With The King, Eric's joint album wth his hero BB King, and most recently the The Breeze album featuring Eric with Tom Petty, Willie Nelson and Jon Mayer


Simon Says…

The best moment is hearing that vocal for the first time…
"It’s always a joy to hear gifted artists sing your songs…"
"The best moment is hearing that vocal for the first time… with artists like Judith Hill, Sara Evans, Aretha, I feel truly blessed when I’m driving along and I hear my melodies sung by the best singers in the world."
"It’s also an enormous privilege to work in the studio with musicians as talented as John Mayer, BB King, Eric and Stevie Wonder – but, equally, there's that magic moment when when a 15-year-old unkown walks in who starts to sing and you realise this could be the next Bob Dylan, or Adele…"



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I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)

by George Michael & Aretha Franklin